SEO Marketing Synthesis

SEO Marketing Synthesis

eBook to learn how to maximize your online business

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This text is a compendium on SEO and Marketing concepts applicable to all products and services provided via the internet, or offline, in the classic market, but advertised and / or sold via the web.

Today, thinking of promoting anything without taking into account how the digital market moves is a commercial suicide, everything revolves around the web, the internet has become the local and global reference point for all activities concerning man and beyond.

In this vademecum I describe the gist of the speech for those who do not have the time and / or the desire to read volumes on the subject, for those who want to take action immediately and for those who want to get a detailed idea in a short time. and at an insignificant cost to then perhaps deepen later on the aspects most pertinent to your specific needs, for this purpose in this book you will find a selection of links to resources of Italian and foreign authors, free and not.

Many application details and tricks useful for practical purposes will also be covered to maximize profit in the shortest possible time without neglecting the long-term effects, a vitamin concentrate.

Keep in mind that SEO and Marketing are not exact sciences and depend on many factors, here you will find a solid foundation on which to build and improve your specific business, the market response time is variable from sector to sector, from a few weeks to a few months, so be patient and do not be discouraged, as you must not delude yourself and stop if you see an immediate fruit, for a lasting harvest it is necessary to improve and stabilize the variables involved, whoever stops is lost.

This guide, being concentrated, is full of concepts that must be internalized, it must be read slowly and with thought, reflecting on each sentence to expand it in the mind and thinking about its applicability in its specific context; it is not a novel, rather a collection of notes, concise and incisive sentences; it is a technical book.

To improve myself in the field of SEO and marketing I had to study a large amount of texts and courses, this took me a lot of time, effort and resources, not having found a complete and at the same time practical extract, hence the idea of writing condensed book starting from the many ideas and notes taken and learned; I hope this synthesis work can help you.

Enjoy the reading,

Rodolfo Turco

What is SEO

SEO = Search Engine Optimization, or how to maximize your online presence, positioning yourself as high as possible in internet searches.

If the user does not see you in the very first positions of search engines, he will not take you into consideration, you do not exist.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is the application of Search Engine Optimization techniques to local businesses such as shops, offices, studios, businesses, and any other business that has a well-defined geographical location or in any case a localized area of intervention.

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Search Engines

These Big Four represent 95% of the market.

Google is the world leader, we need to focus on it, without it neglect any other channels relevant to your specific industry.

Microsoft Bing is the second largest channel in the US.

Yahoo once very relevant, wanted to expand its offer losing its initial influence but still important.

Baidu is the primary reference point in the Chinese system.

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Online Marketing

Whether you already have a business or want to create a new one, remember that the secret to optimizing results is to specialize and differentiate, find your own market niche where to be among the first.

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The brand plays a primary role, it gives you a name, a face, it should also be accompanied by a motto, people memorize it more easily than a name, especially if it is original and nice, it must naturally be related to their offer.

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Your Site

Your site is the showcase on the world of your business, but like all showcases not only the aesthetic part must be taken care of but also the functional one, also you have to take into account that to make it actually “visible” on internet must be made “welcome” to search engines, they are the ones who allow it to find yourself on the net, to do this you need to perfect composition and contents.

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One of the most effective ways to bring selected customers, and therefore well willing to purchase, towards their own shop is to create a Blog, i.e. an article site, relating to topics related to i own services and products.

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Social Networks

Humans love to socialize, social networks are good user manifolds, you can also create your own groups of discussion on a specific topic, speaking as an expert you can give advice and help solve problems, you’ll have an image return.

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Communication channels

To provide your products and services you need to establish one two-way communication with your potential customers, a symbiosis.

On the internet it is possible to implement different forms of communication, social media, website, blog, forum, email, telephone, through these channels you can converse with words, images and videos.

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Information Contents

When providing an information product, either free of charge or a payment, you have to follow a series of precautions to get a good result, first of all for the user and then for themselves.

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Images, Video, Audio

Image is a powerful means of communication, both in static and video, in some contexts audio is also fundamental, but it should not be put as background music in the sites, I recommend, you would antagonize the people.

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The BackLink

An important aspect for Local SEO; as for the global one it is the addressing by other sites to ours, the backlinks, these allow to give notoriety to our site and will be considered by search engines as a relevant element for the purposes of ranking, positioning in the results provided.

We will discuss the topic in a dedicated chapter.


Links are the main mechanism by which information is accessed on the Internet; the various sites, and the pages in them, are linked through links, for this reason, their care and management is of particular importance, both for those internal to its own sites and external to them.

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Structured Data Markup

The search engines in addition to using the data explicitly shown in the pages of the websites use data not visible to the user, but present in the same pages, called “Structured Data Markup”,

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A world-old trading method is to sell i other people’s products and services, this is the classic case of the shop below home, but it can also be implemented on the internet in several ways including Direct eCommerce, the Dropshipping which I will talk about in the relative chapter to eCommerce, and Affiliations.

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The Internet is a huge market, you can buy and sell anything.

It can be a great showcase for your local business, like an opportunity to carry out old and new jobs exclusively online, the possibilities are many and there is room for almost any job, which one whether it’s your newbies or veteran business.

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Each market has many figures who supply the same products and services, if not the same certainly similar; there is not a single plumber nor a single computer vendor only, if you are reading this book it means that you are not the only player in your sector, there is competition.

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Code optimization

Whatever the content and architecture used on your site pay attention to SEO optimization and the speed of loading.

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Useful Resources

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